Building Permit Application

Harshman CE Building Permit application. Please note that ONLY the HIGHLIGHTED portions are required for a RESIDENTIAL application. Please call us with any questions. Please also note that many municipalities have additional permitting requirements - contact us with questions

Our auditors are authorized to have full, free and unrestricted access to information including records, computer files, property and personnel of your company and are free to review and evaluate all policies, procedures, and practices for any aspect of your business.

We perform various assurance, Consulting/Advisory and support services including internal and external audit, accounting, consulting services, risk assurance, corporate reporting, and lots of other services. Each and every of them is aimed at your company’s financial success.

We budget between 200 and 600 hours for a typical audit, depending on the size and complexity of your business. We normally have one auditor leading the audit, and auditors will sometimes have more than one audit in process at a time, so an audit could take from two months to six months to complete.

Municipal Links

Municipality-Specific downloads for the communities we serve. The downloads and links represent ONLY the roles which Harshman CE fulfills in each municipality.

Building Code Official

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